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LYTE Hyper PC – Core i5 | GTX 1060 | 8GB RAM | 128GB SSD


LYTE Hyper PC – Core i5 | GTX 1060 | 8GB RAM | 128GB SSD

(11 customer reviews)

$678.00 $599.00


Core i5 3470 @ 3.20GHz
Nvidia GTX 1060 3GB
OEM Motherboard
700 WATT PSU 80+
Crystal Tempered Glass RGB Case
Windows 10 pro


Build yourself Price
Build Fee
$678.00 $599.00

Sale Price $678.00 $599.00

$678.00 $599.00Buy Now

Our goal is to get you the most reasonable and affordable price out of a pre-built PC. Here’s how we do it:

  • We layout all the costs to build it yourself.
  • We charge a minor build fee ($100).
  • The system arrives to you built, stress tested, warrantied, and ready to plug in and game!
PCs will be built, stress tested, and shipped out with 3-5 business days! Questions? – 847-766-0234.

VR Ready

Streaming Capable

Case Lighting


Lets Game


This is one of our personal favorite PC’s! The HYPER PC will kick out high FPS for the cost and will play pretty much everything on high/ultra settings! If you’re looking to get into PC this is the perfect system that wont brutally break the bank and will still run all of the newest games.

Icon Cpu

Core i5 3470 4 core @ 3.20GHz (turbos to 3.60GHz)

Icon Gpu

Nvidia GTX 1060 3GB GDDR5

Icon Ram

8 GB (2×4) DDR3 (16GB MAX)

Icon Ssd

128 GB Sandisk SSD + 500GB HDD

Icon Case

Darkflash Water Square 5 tempered glass Mid ATX Tower

Icon Power Supply
Power Supply


Icon Motherboard

OEM Intel LGA 1155 Motherboard (supports 2nd and 3rd gen i3, i5, and i7)

Icon Windows
Operating System

Windows 10 Pro 64 bit pre-installed and activated

Icons Warranty

Thirty-Day Full Warranty, One Year Labor Warranty (Manufacture warranty on certain parts ranging from 1-3 years)


80–140 FPS
Competitive settings 150 – 200 FPS
Rainbox 6 Siege
100–140 FPS
100–130 FPS
100–150 FPS
80–130 FPS

11 reviews for LYTE Hyper PC – Core i5 | GTX 1060 | 8GB RAM | 128GB SSD

  1. Bradley

    This build runs great, and has handled everything I’ve tried to play on it. The customer support is literally the best I’ve seen anywhere and I’m very happy I made my purchase with these guys.

    10/10 would recommend

  2. Zakary Hicks

    Fantastic PC can run almost everything on ultra 1080p can most definitely recommend and have. The PC is not the only great thing about this company, they have unrivaled customer support and there life time tech support is also fucking stellar. On top of that they do streams during the nights and answer questions about there pcs and play with some of there buyers. Great fucking company and can not recommend enough.

    Here are some videos of how the Hyper Fairs for some games:

  3. Jahiemtaylor

    All I need to say is if you haven’t buy a pc from this company yet then your miss out
    THIS COMPANY IS THE BEST !!!words cant even described how good the company is they are the company you would imagine alot of different companies was i did have to go though robots answering the went right to a person

  4. Nick

    ill give this a 4 star runs a lot of games but i think i need to buy more ram because when im downloading more stuff its very slow but everything else is fine fortnite runs fine and csgo apex and roblox but you prob need to buy more space on the way

  5. YouTube Tacticlz

    I’m buying this computer and based on the specs and the reviews I think its a really good computer

  6. Chosen

    So I bought this pc hoping it would be pretty good. What I hoped was right! This pc runs games well(for example it runs r6s at 90-110fps, or fortnite at high settings for 110fps) The one disappointing thing is It was super late(1-1 and a half weeks late).. Because of this they said they would give a free upgrade which I still don’t know what it was, I looked at lots of the specs and there the same. It also took awhile to download my games. Off of those problems, this is a great pc. If your new in gaming choose this and you wont be disappointed. It’s super quiet, the customer service was super nice, and It runs games great. Thanks lyte tech.

  7. cstringer090

    Awesome Computer, awesome Company, 5/5 would recommend, you get what you paid for, better and cheaper then any other company like cyberpowers, Lytetechnology is helpful and have good customer satisfaction.

  8. Eric S.

    I must say, this is quite an extravagant PC, and it only shows that you don’t need something like Alienware or Razor to be an online gamer. Truly searching around, you’ll find that this pc is really worth its price, runs smoothly, gorgeous graphics, and amazing display.
    Only 4/5 stars for some errors along the way; one being the delivery time. It stated on the email it would be 3-5 business days before being shipped out, I didn’t receive mine until 2 weeks prior. Also worth noting that 2 ports on the side of my PC did not work so I had to get an USB extender. This isn’t guaranteed, however its just worth noting that this pc is fragile, and carefulness is key.
    while I did pay money to get more outlet inputs for my PC, upon calling customer service, they were truly helpful, resourceful, understanding, and great beyond words; and I was glad that the cheerful folks at the phone were very helpful.
    This pc is one you DON’T want to miss out on, affordable, and well running, I can say that your experience with this Hyper PC is one to remember!

  9. YoutubeTacticlz

    This computer is amazing i can run literally anything on it. I got a couple of upgrades sucha as the case and the power supply (650 wat) on fortnite it runs 144-200 fps on low-high and it runs cs-go on 240 fps on any settings. this computer is amazing and so is the customer service, and question i had they answered and always were there whenever i had a question. The only bad thing about this pc is that i have to buy a external hard drive but everything else is amazing. i could even stream on 144 fps without any problems. this is a overall really good pc for $600

  10. leonbowman

    this pc is great for anyone who is new

  11. YoutubeTacticlz

    Everyone go to my youtube see how this pc performs just type in the search bar tacticlz and i will be the one with the galaxy profile picture

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