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LYTE Hyper V5 – Ryzen 5 5500 | GTX 1650 | 16GB RAM | 512GB SSD

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LYTE Hyper V5

Ryzen 5 5500 | GTX 1650 | 16GB RAM | 512GB SSD



Ryzen 5 5500 @ 4.2 GHz
16GB DDR4 3200 mhz RAM
Nvidia GTX 1650 4GB
Gigabyte A520M-HDV
550W Gamdias PSU 80+ bronze
Zalman Z7 Neo Glass Case
AMD Stock Cooler
Windows 11 Install & Stress test



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Total:USD $869.00

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Estimated Arrival: 12/19/2022-12/27/2022

1+ year warranty

All LYTE PCs include a 1 year full warranty. On top of that, many parts include additional component manufacturer warranties. For example Gigabyte backs all of their GPUs with a 3 year warranty.

Guaranteed Safe Delivery

We stress test and double box every PC. If you get your PC and have any issues we will send a replacement system to you immediately. Once the replacement arrives only then do you ship back original (with a prepaid label)

Free returns

If you get your PC and don't like it for any reason you can send it back for a refund within the first 30 days of delivery.


Icon Cpu

Ryzen 5 5500 6 core 12 thread @3.6GHz (turbo 4.2 GHz)

Icon Gpu

Nvidia GTX 1650 4GB GDDR5 (Gigabyte Edition)

Icon Ram

16 GB DDR4 ADATA 3200 mhz (2×8)

Icon Ssd


Icon Case

Zalman Z7 Neo tempered glass Mid ATX Tower

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic some of our case suppliers are unavailable. Because of this your PC may come in an upgraded case for free! 

Icon Power Supply
Power Supply

550 WATT Gamdias PSU 80+ Bronze

Icon Motherboard

Gigabyte A520M-HDV AM4 motherboard

Icon Windows
Operating System

Windows 11 Pro 64 bit pre-installed (Unactivated)

Icon Warranty

1 Year Full Warranty (Manufacture warranty on certain parts ranging from 1-3 years)


Q. Is this PC streaming capable?

Although this PC will work for some minor streaming we don’t recommend it if your main intention is streaming.

- Ezra. Atlanta, Georgia


Q. Will this PC handle VR?

A. Although this PC will handle some unintense VR we don’t recommend it if your main intention is VR.

- Chase. Jefferson City, Missouri


Q. What FPS will I get on Fortnite?

A. You’ll get between 110 – 130 FPS.

- Axel. Denver, Colorado


Q. How many monitors does it support?

A. This PC supports 3 monitors.

- Jonah. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


Q. What ports are on the computer?

A. This PC has a DVI, HDMI, and Display Port

- Jayden. Jefferson City, Missouri


Q. What FPS will I get on Call of Duty Modern Warfare?

A. This PC will get around 80-110 FPS in Modern Warfare.

- Calvin. Denver, Colorado


Q. What FPS will I get on R6 Siege?

A. This PC will get around 90 – 120 FPS in Siege.

- Gael. Madison, Wisconsin


Q. How long is the processing time?

A. It really depends on the specific PC you ordered. I ordered an Anthem with a 3080 and it took me 45 days. That was also at the peak component shortage where they were quoting 30 - 45 days. My friend ordered an Omega and it arrived in 6 days. It really comes down to what you ordered and how their supply is looking at the time. I think they show the estimated processing near the Add to Cart button for all their PCs. For more detail, see our Estimated Processing tab.

- Alex. Miami Florida


Q. Is the PC upgradable?

A. Yes, all of their PCs are upgradable. I bought the Carbon around a year ago and sense then have upgrade my RAM and GPU. Its a very easy system to upgrade

- Grant. Frankfort Illinois


Q. What if the PC arrives broken?

A. If your PC arrives broken they’ll send you a new one for free. I got my PC on 11/17/21 and it appeared to be broken from shipping and wouldnt display. I called them and they sent me a label to return that one and sent me a brand new PC for free. They even included an upgrade in mine. I dont know if they always include upgrades for replacements but they did with mine.

- Mark. Cookeville Tennessee


Q. Does this PC come with a WiFi?

A. The PC doesnt come with wifi but you can add wifi to your order on the upgrades tab. I ordered the mid level wifi adapter and it works perfect for me! My ping is always really low when gaming and my router is a few rooms over.

- Brendan. Austin Texas


Q. What all comes with the computer?

A. I ordered the Venom PC and it came with a bag filled with some misc stuff like a power cord, user manuals for motherboard and PSU, extra cables, and other stuff that looked like it was extras from when they are building the PC. I assume they include that incase you want to do any upgrades yourself in the future. You will need to get a video cable like an HDMI or Displayport cable. Usually your monitor comes with that.

- Jeremy. Durango Colorado


Q. What if I want to cancel my order?

A. At one point I called to cancel my order so I know all the details. Prett much you have 3 days to cancel your order for a full refund. After that they order any parts and start to assemble the PC. If you want to cancel after the 3 days there is a 7% cancellation fee. However, if you select the insurance option during checkout you will be able to cancel or refund your order at any point without paying any fee. I ended up keeping my order and am very glad I did. It arrived 5 days later and was super good quality. Definitely worth the wait.

- Marcus. Las Vegas Nevado



Modern Warfare Gunfight round
Rainbow Siege Six
Hyper - CSGO
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FPS 120 - 160
FPS 100 - 130
Modern Warfare Gunfight round
Modern Warfare Gunfight round
FPS 80 - 100
Rainbow Siege Six
Rainbow Siege Six
FPS 90 - 120
FPS 85 - 120
Hyper - CSGO
Hyper - CSGO
FPS 120 - 180
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  • urijahcremer2017 (verified owner)

    this is definitely bang for the buck it is a great pc mime got a case upgrade and i cant figure out how to change the rgb but besides that its an a amazing pc

  • emazanec6 (verified owner)

    Great PC would recemend but the only thing is that i =m not sure on how to change the RGB coloring on the inside of the case

  • Brian Tran (verified owner)

    This PC build runs fantastic! As someone who was purchasing his first PC, my experience has been nothing short of amazing. I was pleasantly surprised by the weekly updates that specified how far along my order was being processed as well as when the PC was being built. When I finally received my PC after a month ordering, I was extremely pleased by how well the PC was protected: the case being encased by bubble wrap and the inside covered to protect the parts within. Overall, I am very happy with my order every step of the way. Thank you Lyte!

  • jayicyyy6 (verified owner)

    Is a great PC only complications was the processing time took longer than I expected but I understand that due to the pandemic. One of the problems I kind of didn’t expect was I had to purchase a windows key because I did not come with one and I thought I was going to have more storage but I had to get a few more sticks of ram and purchase a 2 TB hard drive and a 2 TB SSD but other than that it’s a perfect PC for my personality of gaming I would recommend the lyte hyper PC to anyone else this will not be my last PC I will be getting another one from your company!

  • Cole Roscoe

    I am extremely satisfied with this PC. It’s capable of running just about anything you throw at it on high and ultra settings! The compatibility for future upgrades are great with this PC. I highly recommend it for anyone who would like to step into the world of PC gaming. I left a better review on my YouTube channel if you would like to see some more information. Thanks guys and I hope you take my recommendation!!

  • jetlagdragonfly (verified owner)

    Incredibly satisfied with this pc. Took a bit longer to get here due to Covid but had solid communication throughout the entire process. Have been using it for about a month now with zero issues. Used daily to game and stream and could not be happier.

  • Alexander Lue-Yat (verified owner)

    Bought the pc about a month ago, works great! The only issues I had were the delivery time, and once it arrived, the LEDs and fans on the front of the pc didn’t turn on, but it was a simple fix, and the tech who helped me did a great job. This pc runs everything I want it to, and if there was one thing I would change with it, I would probably buy a newer processor, such as a core i7, just for especially demanding games. All in all, great deal, great pc.

  • Curran Hegde

    I’ve had my Lyte Hyper PC for a few weeks now and I love it! I can run all of my games at high fps, and it’s super enjoyable, and has run any game I’ve thrown at it. One downside to the PC though is the WiFi. The CPU (central processing unit) is not WiFi enabled, so make sure at checkout you add the WiFi adapter that they give you an option to add. The only problem is, the WiFi adapter would get large ping spikes for a couple seconds, so I would go from 20 ping to 200 and then pack to 20. I ended up just using Ethernet. However, this is the best prebuilt gaming pc for entry level gamers! Well worth the wait, and has outstanding performance! Thank you Lyte Tech for your amazing PC’s and awesome customer service! I would recommend this pc to friends at an 9/10! (just the wifi problem)

  • Hayden (verified owner)

    Got my PC today runs games great and Lyte is probably one of the best Pc company’s you can buy from totally recommend them. Had to wait a month but totally worth it.

  • ianrcummins9 (verified owner)

    I have just received my Hyper PC and I love it. It did take over a month to ship, but I don’t blame them because its a lot harder doing business given events in the world right now. I didn’t worry one bit while waiting for the PC because they would send me an amazing status update on my PC. Lyte Technology’s customer service is so amazing, when my PC first arrived and I could find the actavation code for windows, I sent them an email, and they got back to me very quickly. It was well worth the wait. I highly recommend this PC.

  • Barry ngaruiya

    I am impressed with the price point LYTE Technology are selling this pc and the performance out of this I saw was flawless now I did order the LYTE hyper recently during these circumstances that are happening but I can not wait to receive it!!
    good company and good work LYTE Technology

  • jack miller

    last pc I will ever buy. Thanks lyte for the cheap and great quality pc

  • DeerWithIt (verified owner)

    All I can say is wow… This PC is incredible for the price! I got an upgraded case, GPU, and CPU because I had to wait well over a month to get it due to COVID-19. And when I received the PC, the GPU had issues with overheating, so I sent it back, and a week later I received a better GPU as replacement! The customer service at Lyte Gaming is incredible! They are very kind and understanding, and always help with whatever problems I have, whether it be hardware or user error. lol
    I cannot recommend them enough!

  • imBoredS0 (verified owner)

    Awesome company gave me an upgraded Gpu with 8GB instead of 3GB, 1 thing I’d complain about though is the customer service I asked the woman when my package could possibly ship but she just told me that it may be around (July 8) (this was around June 17) which would’ve been fine if I didn’t order the pc in June 8 which means I got the feeling she didn’t know anything about the shipping (yes I told her my order number and no I didn’t call her out on it since I didn’t even bother. It did arrive exactly the date it was expected to be on their receipt (June 20) but still, she was kind of no help. A part from that great company would recommend

  • Ace Toxin

    I’m really looking forward to getting this pc based on it’s reviews it seems like something not to miss out on and i’ve been looking at some videos for it’s specs and it runs my 2 fav games at over 100 frames Fortnite ( 135-200) and Apex Legends (100-140) so im really excited to get this pc for my b-day thx for the cheap but amazing pc’s LyteTech.

  • Drago Ron

    Overall really good PC for the price. I did tons of research before purchasing and honestly it has been an amazing purchase. I did end up eventually upgrading to 16GB RAM which is the only upgrade I wanted to do. Other than that its been awesome. Definitely recommend buying!

  • YoutubeTacticlz

    Everyone go to my youtube see how this pc performs just type in the search bar tacticlz and i will be the one with the galaxy profile picture

  • leonbowman

    this pc is great for anyone who is new

  • YoutubeTacticlz

    This computer is amazing i can run literally anything on it. I got a couple of upgrades sucha as the case and the power supply (650 wat) on fortnite it runs 144-200 fps on low-high and it runs cs-go on 240 fps on any settings. this computer is amazing and so is the customer service, and question i had they answered and always were there whenever i had a question. The only bad thing about this pc is that i have to buy a external hard drive but everything else is amazing. i could even stream on 144 fps without any problems. this is a overall really good pc for $600

  • Eric S.

    I must say, this is quite an extravagant PC, and it only shows that you don’t need something like Alienware or Razor to be an online gamer. Truly searching around, you’ll find that this pc is really worth its price, runs smoothly, gorgeous graphics, and amazing display.
    Only 4/5 stars for some errors along the way; one being the delivery time. It stated on the email it would be 3-5 business days before being shipped out, I didn’t receive mine until 2 weeks prior. Also worth noting that 2 ports on the side of my PC did not work so I had to get an USB extender. This isn’t guaranteed, however its just worth noting that this pc is fragile, and carefulness is key.
    while I did pay money to get more outlet inputs for my PC, upon calling customer service, they were truly helpful, resourceful, understanding, and great beyond words; and I was glad that the cheerful folks at the phone were very helpful.
    This pc is one you DON’T want to miss out on, affordable, and well running, I can say that your experience with this Hyper PC is one to remember!

  • cstringer090

    Awesome Computer, awesome Company, 5/5 would recommend, you get what you paid for, better and cheaper then any other company like cyberpowers, Lytetechnology is helpful and have good customer satisfaction.

  • Chosen

    So I bought this pc hoping it would be pretty good. What I hoped was right! This pc runs games well(for example it runs r6s at 90-110fps, or fortnite at high settings for 110fps) The one disappointing thing is It was super late(1-1 and a half weeks late).. Because of this they said they would give a free upgrade which I still don’t know what it was, I looked at lots of the specs and there the same. It also took awhile to download my games. Off of those problems, this is a great pc. If your new in gaming choose this and you wont be disappointed. It’s super quiet, the customer service was super nice, and It runs games great. Thanks lyte tech.

  • YouTube Tacticlz

    I’m buying this computer and based on the specs and the reviews I think its a really good computer

  • Nick

    ill give this a 4 star runs a lot of games but i think i need to buy more ram because when im downloading more stuff its very slow but everything else is fine fortnite runs fine and csgo apex and roblox but you prob need to buy more space on the way

  • Jahiemtaylor

    All I need to say is if you haven’t buy a pc from this company yet then your miss out
    THIS COMPANY IS THE BEST !!!words cant even described how good the company is they are the company you would imagine alot of different companies was i did have to go though robots answering the went right to a person

  • Zakary Hicks

    Fantastic PC can run almost everything on ultra 1080p can most definitely recommend and have. The PC is not the only great thing about this company, they have unrivaled customer support and there life time tech support is also fucking stellar. On top of that they do streams during the nights and answer questions about there pcs and play with some of there buyers. Great fucking company and can not recommend enough.

    Here are some videos of how the Hyper Fairs for some games:

  • Bradley

    This build runs great, and has handled everything I’ve tried to play on it. The customer support is literally the best I’ve seen anywhere and I’m very happy I made my purchase with these guys.

    10/10 would recommend


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