Before You Buy A Prebuilt Gaming PC!
$1,800 FULL Streaming Setup
$1000 PreBuilt Gaming PC
Before You Buy A Prebuilt Gaming PC!
$1,800 FULL Streaming Setup
$1000 PreBuilt Gaming PC
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ralphy mercedes
5 December 2021
Just my 1st ever gaming pc, process was super easy thanks to lyte gamings user friendly interface, appreciate the help, ill leave another review once i get to use and get a feel for the pc
Jonny Coumou
3 December 2021
Such an amazing experience using the Lyte Gaming PCs website to purchase my second gaming pc. I built my first pc, but because of the gpu market I decided to go with a pre-build this time around. The part picking list is limited to your expendability. A high budget can be found with high expectations. I am very happy with my purchase and I can't wait for it to arrive. One issue, I spun the wheel and got a free HDD 500GB drive and when i went to go pay within the hour, it said my coupon was invalid and when i spun again I got LED lights, but i can't really complain because it's free.
1 December 2021
I enjoyed my PC. It did take a while for it to arrive but when it came it was amazing. I runs smooth and has great graphics.
Alberto Abraham
27 November 2021
The PC came so good and with all the components or even better I really recommend to buy your PC here if you’re new. My review it’s on Spanish but just in case you want to see the PC
Javier Aragon
25 November 2021
So far, I've been happy with my Lyte Hyper v3. I enjoy playing games with my friends since they all have pc's and now I don't feel left out. Thank you, Lyte Tech 😌
22 November 2021
I bought a computer in December last year, and after 6 months of having the pc the GPU died and I had to buy a new one...
braeden Hall
19 November 2021
It Works fine but sometimes when i turn the pc on it is slow for like 5 mins and becomes normal again and the front fans dont spin but other than that would highly suggest this website for your starter pc!
16 November 2021
I would recommend this site to my friends because of the great value for what you get.
Cristian Masaya
15 November 2021
TL;DR Product: -Once working, fantastic -PC itself has been fantastic so far.
13 November 2021
I bought a PC and had a pretty great experience! They shipped it to me about a month after ordering and it works phenomenally. I just wish their website would update about your order after you confirm that you don’t want the GPU shipped with the PC.
Dylan Worst
12 November 2021
I was recommended by a friend who ordered from Lyte Tech. He loved his PC and it was affordable so I thought I would check it out, so I ordered my PC. I ended up waiting 6 months for it, which because of the parts shortage, it's understandable. When I received my PC there were a few issues with it, however when I got ahold of them about it and they got back to me, they helped fix the issue right away!
Logan Freers
10 November 2021
Great experience! Can’t wait to get my new pc. Love this company and the people who work their. 100% would recommend
Deanna Wadleigh
4 November 2021
They replaced daughters computer at no charge and every works great now!
totallynotan8yearold on Google Reviews
27 October 2021
I really am enjoying the PC. Quite impressed with it. The only part I had an issue with was one of the hard drives used was faulty but they were willing to work with me and send a replacement!. They treated me well through the whole process and can gladly recommend them.
Cassie Slattery on Google Reviews
27 October 2021
My son really wanted a gaming computer, and did a lot of research before finding Lyte Technologies. I was skeptical at first, but was very impressed by how responsive they were, how they walked my son through the process of building his own PC, and the options for upgrades, etc. Shipping was relatively fast given supply chain issues - we thought we'd be waiting several weeks longer than we actually did. I highly recommend looking into Lyte if you're in the market for a gaming PC.
Thomas Crann on Google Reviews
25 October 2021
The service was excellent, the communication and updates were lovely, and the product was exactly what I wanted. Fantastic work, would absolutely recommend to anyone that wanted to get into PC gaming with a custom PC.
Jacob Becker on Google Reviews
22 October 2021
I was very satisfied with my experience as a whole with Lyte Technology. The ordering process was simple, the build I chose was more than fairly priced, and I received the PC 3 weeks after purchase. I really don't have anything to nitpick here. It's beautiful, well-built, and has been an absolute monster PC from the start with no overclocking. I would order again from Lyte Technology in the future, with no hesitation.
Chelsi Gonzalez on Google Reviews
15 October 2021
Long wait but very worth it. The gameplay is wonderful and honestly better than I thought it would be only downfall is one of the front rgb lights isn’t working but I don’t mind too much the pc looks fantastic with my set up!! Thank you so much!
Matthew McShane on Google Reviews
12 October 2021
Shipping was a little slow but great customer service and communication while waiting! When my pc arrived it was everything I asked for and more. The game play is great speed fantastic not one complaint from me!!!
YOUNG RJ on Google Reviews
10 October 2021
The biggest problem was how long it took.. I had to wait since April. But boy oh boy when I heard it was on its way I bout moonwalked around the house. Definitely worth the wait and couldn’t be more happier! 🙏🏿
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