Before You Buy A Prebuilt Gaming PC!
$1,800 FULL Streaming Setup
$1000 PreBuilt Gaming PC
Before You Buy A Prebuilt Gaming PC!
$1,800 FULL Streaming Setup
$1000 PreBuilt Gaming PC
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Logan Freers
20 January 2022
It’s been almost three months since i ordered my pc and still don’t have it.
Mike Junior
19 January 2022
My son wanted this computer so we ordered it and a week or so later got an email saying it can ship without the GRU, what good is that? no word as to when our computer would ship, i was ok with that until i read some reviews saying months and months. no mention of the GPU not in stock when ordering when it seems it is a big problem, a warning when i ordered this would have nice
Dad Logs
18 January 2022
Ordering from Lyte Gaming PCs was easy! Lyte Gaming PCs help me to save money on building a top of the line pc!
17 January 2022
Love how you can see all the pc part prices and being able to see what you put your money in for.
Brian Mehl
17 January 2022
Fair pricing for rigs and prebuilts, slow shipping and support can be lackluster depending who you get. 5 stars for the Rig itself, 3 stars for follow up and time wasted. Appreciate the fair pricing for pre-built machines and their custom pc maker. I got a PC for 2k that I was finding for 3 to 4k for other pre-built PC websites. Thanks again!
Jaxon Huff
15 January 2022
I am very happy about the actual pc performance and how well they are put together, but I had to wait 7 weeks for it to arrive (pc was completed in 6 weeks and I experienced shipping delays due to weather). If you want the best value for your money this is the place. You just have to be patient with them!
15 January 2022
I love that Lyte offers great builds for the money, while being competitive with the rest of pc companies. I also love how they have an option to let us build our own pcs with the build kit option so the people who hasn't built a pc before gets to experience it.
Ashton Code
14 January 2022
The computer worked GREAT! For about 2 days. Then it suddenly started crashing. It takes them 4 days to reply to emails - according to their website.
Jay Mikunda
13 January 2022
Couldn’t be happier with my experience with Lyte! The customer service team was prompt and helpful, their pricing is exceptionally fair, and the assembly and shipping were fast! The build itself is clean and professional, you can tell they really care about what they do. Great fit, finish and performance from my PC, started and runs without any hiccups! Thank you for the great experience Lyte team!
Sean Lincoln
13 January 2022
Bought a pc it turned on for a few minutes then my screen went blank
Onele Lozano
12 January 2022
my boys peer pressured me into buying this $2300 PC, wow i cant believe i did it though. theyre the best. but on god this better be the best pc ever.
Nelson “DreamSetup!” Vasquez
10 January 2022
The Pc is great but i can't hear anything from it. I tried every audiojack on the system but nothing. I also tried to find the motherboards support but can't find it. Overall great pc
Erik Soto
9 January 2022
Easy Ordering experience for this great deal. 3080 rxt gpu and a ryzen 7 cpu under 2.5 k. It does not get better than that folks. Trust a guy that's been looking deep in the web for something cheaper for about two weeks. Thank you Lyte. Can not wait for my PC. I am beyond excited 🙂
9 January 2022
great customer service. good pcs. not over priced. recommend. The pc runs great. I got it in one week which is really good during this time of the year and with there being a gpu shortage. I get like 300 fps in csgo and buy only 70 in escape from tarkov.
Brett Liukkonen
4 January 2022
Very easy to navigate through the site and to find just what we were looking for. Quality components at an affordable price. Thanks!
AoiF O
2 January 2022
I would say this is the best company when it comes on PC world. everything is straight forward. I like how they suggest a build that fits your budget and give the costumers option to put it all together to feed the satisfaction that “yes i built it myself”. Another thinng is they have the prebuilt section where everything is built balanced. I think, the most awesome part is them being transparent, what i mean is you see how how does every part cost and the little amount they charge for building. I would give them 101% satisfaction if only i can go over that 100.
Russell Dowis
17 December 2021
It’s been a couple months since I got my PC and I love it! It runs and looks amazing and the people at Lyte were very friendly and transparent any time I called with (probably dumb) questions! Thank you all so much!
Julian Pielke Santos
14 December 2021
Just got my PC and it's working great so far. I mainly got it to run games like Halo Infinite, and so far it's playing it perfectly on high graphics settings (this is also one of the cheaper models available). So far no complaints, super happy with it.
Gavin Brogan
12 December 2021
First off let me start by saying I bought the Anthem pc with the Intel I 9700k with a 3080. I waited over half a year for the card which is understandable right now. But what is unacceptable is that when it finally arrived it had issues right away. The power supply is arcing, cable magament is horrendous, hard drive is crooked in its slot, case has a few dings and a scratch or two. Seriously make sure you inspect your pc after receiving it. If you even wanna take the gamble with them.
Damien Penny
10 December 2021
Great place for custom PC help, builds or parts! Customer service is great, always friendly and got an answer when I called. The online service on the website is a real person that’s eager to answer all your questions! Great place great company!