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Free IT assessment

Are you unsure of what IT equipment is best for you? We provide a free assessment of your current IT situation. We will provide you with a honest answer of what to keep, what to upgrade, and what to replace. All free of charge with no obligations!

Lyte Tech Free Installation

Free installation

Here at Lyte Technology we understand that installing new computers can be a very confusing and time consuming process. Because of this we include free installation for our commercial customers. So you no longer have to worry, we take care of everything for you, and free of charge!

Lyte Tech Free It Assessment

Quality guaranteed

Quality is our top priority. So even with our prices being so affordable, our quality is still gold standard. We work hard to make sure that you as our customer, is getting top of the line service. We provide warranties on all of our equipment as well as an open line for any phone support you need.


Our IT assessment has no contracts or obligations. We will give you:

  • Our honest opinion on your current IT equipment

  • Our recommendation for what to keep, what to upgrade, and what to replace

  • A quote for us to complete the work for you



Laptops in all sizes and specs. We can sell 1 laptop or 30. Laptops on average range from $100 to $400.


Desktops, like laptops, come in all sizes, shapes, and specs. Desktops can range anywhere from $75 per unit to $500 per unit. It all depends on what type of power your company needs and whats the most financially intelligent plan is for you.


Our goal is to save you money. Whether that includes replacing your computers or just upgrading them. We will do whatever is going to be most cost effective for you. One of out most common upgrades for businesses is replacing hard drives with SSD’s.

Business IT Support June 7, 2019