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Click the video below for the run down of how our affiliate program works!

What We’re

All About


LYTE Gaming is more than just a prebuilt company. Our goal is to get people the most in game performance for their money from a prebuilt PC. We are proud to have more than 5000 people gaming on LYTE PCs!

Our goal with our affiliate program is to provide a source of income for gamers, streamer and content creators. We created a system that is mutually beneficial for us and our affiliates.

The LYTE Affiliate Program is committed to working with motivated streamers and content creators to help us get more people into the world of PC gaming.

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How it works.


We design our infleuncer program with streamers and content creators in mind. You get paid based off orders that come from viewers who click your affiliate URL.

For every sale you get between $18 – $45 depending on the cost of the PC ordered!

In our infleuncer portal you have access to banners and panels for your stream. Under each panel is a dedicated URL for you to attach to that image on your twitch. This will allow anyone who clicks on your panel to be directed to our website and that customer be linked back to you!

Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I keep track of my sales and commission.

When you are approved you will have access to our influencer portal. In this portal you will be able to see the amount of people who have clicked on your link, how many have purchased, and how much money you made.

What does it cost to join?

There is no cost to join our influencer program. Just fill out the registration form and we will be in touch with you soon

How much do I make?

The amount you make depends on the computer purchased. The commission you make is 4.5% which averages out to $30 per sale.

How much do most affiliates make?

Our average infleuncer makes around $1000 a month from us. This number depends heavily on the number of viewers and how engaged your viewership is.

Is there a max to what I can earn?

There is no max! We want to help you scale your earnings as much as possible.