We’re sad to inform you…

Back in 2021 LYTE was acquired by the company Phunware (Nasdaq: PHUN). Unfortunately Phunware recently made the decision to discontinue LYTEs operation into 2024. We can’t thank you all enough for being part of this community and what we have built over the past 5 years. It has been an incredible ride through everything from COVID to the component shortage. It’s a sad day to have to close our doors but there has been so much learned and so many memories made by everyone here. Hopefully we helped some of you get into PC gaming and create memories that will last you all a lifetime. If we had a positive impact in even a few lives, I’ll be happy! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Happy Gaming, LYTE signing out…

Happy Gaming, LYTE signing out…
– Caleb Borgstrom (Founder/President)

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Prebuilt PCs

Designed to be a good balance of
price and performance

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Custom PCs

You choose all the parts. We build,
stress-test and ship it to your door!

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Build Kits

For those who want to build their own PC.
These are PC part bundles you build yourself.

What to Expect

We Show you the price of every part
We charge a flat $100 build fee
Pc arrives built, stress tested, backed with a one year warranty and 30 day return period

Transparent Performance

Our goal is to make buying your PC easier and more affordable. To prove it, we list the price of every part then charge a flat $100 build fee. That way you know exactly where your money is going and can make an educated purchasing decision. On top of that, we stress test every PC before shipping, offer a 30 day return period, and guarantee safe delivery!


When we build a PC we do it with the intention that you will be using this system daily, for years to come. We build our systems to last and back it by 2 separate warranties! Our LYTE standard warranty (1 year) as well as the component manufacturer warranty (1-5 years). That way you know you’re covered for years of gaming.

Power Reliability


In a recent and exciting development in the gaming industry, LYTE has announced a partnership with Razer. This collaboration aims to bring cutting-edge gaming laptops to the market, offering gamers a powerful and immersive gaming experience.

Customer Reviews

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Pricing Transparency

We designed our website to be as easy to understand as possible. We show you exactly the price we are charging for every part, including the build fee. That way you know exactly how your money is being spent!

Guaranteed Performance

We make gameplay videos for all of our PCs to show you exactly what to expect from each system. If you get a PC and it doesn’t perform the way you expect, we will fix or replace the entire system for free!

Only Quality Components

While a lot of companies will use low end motherboards or off brand PSUs, we only use name brand components by the top manufacturers such as ASUS, MSI, and Gigabyte.

LYTE Gaming PCs

March 18, 2022