Before You Buy A Prebuilt Gaming PC!
$1,800 FULL Streaming Setup
$1000 PreBuilt Gaming PC
Before You Buy A Prebuilt Gaming PC!
$1,800 FULL Streaming Setup
$1000 PreBuilt Gaming PC
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Trent Jackson
28 April 2022
I ordered the LYTE Venom X (which has the RTX 3080) from these guys, and I am very pleased with the product. From the beginning, their live chat agent, Chad Matthews, was a huge help. Their webpage at the time listed the ETA for shipping as "Based on Availability", and Chad let me know it would probably be a little over 4 weeks. It ultimately took 6 weeks to receive my PC, and I am loving it. My PC is clearly well assembled, and they took great care in packaging it to arrive safely. It was nearly as simple as plug-and-play on arrival, and it's been working great for me over the past week and a few days.
Adrien Campos
20 April 2022
PC I got was the “Overlord V3”. Arrived 10 days within placing an order! Thought it would take about a month. Absolutely love the case on this one. Vetroo V5 cpu cooler is also a great budget pick. Have had for about a 1-1/2 months now. Has performed very well with all the games I’ve played so far. I also added 2 more case fans on the top for maximum cooling. (Not saying it runs hot, just a personal preference)
Drew Holmes
18 April 2022
My son and I purchased a $4,000+ Gaming PC with a 3090 Graphics Card from Lyte Gaming. I was extremely happy with the experience from start to finish. You should be a bit patient right now it takes a couple weeks but the wait is well worth it! My son has been testing it out and loving the performance. The look of the case, fans, lighting, ect is INSANE!!! great work guys and ladies at Lyte Gaming!!!
15 April 2022
PC came later than expected but that wasn't a big deal. I've had the PC for about a week and haven't done much but it seems like everything is right and tight nothing sounds off. When it arrived the box was pretty beat up but they double box the PC so it was safe, the packing inside the PC was very tight, definitely thought I was going to break a component getting it out. It came with all the extra goodies for the GPU and other stuff, they did however forget to give me a power cable with it. So far I'm very happy with the purchase, it should do just about everything I want it to.
Yanni Karfaridis
14 April 2022
I just want to applaud and thank Ella Beudreault for giving me such a positive experience with her level of service. She really went out of her way to cater to my needs as a customer and clear my head of any doubts I may have had.
Greg Jenkins
10 April 2022
Spencer Ray Sandberg
6 April 2022
Update: Got in contact with them, sent out the right pc, the gpu sadly came damaged from shipping (No fault of LT), so I sent it back today. Put my old graphics card in the pc, and it runs 1000x better than my old one, extremely happy with the product, everything runs as should. Definitely made up for the error that happened!
Latest Info
4 April 2022
They are awesome and we’re very helpful with through there live chat with any questions and updates they had! Less than two months delivery from the day I ordered!
Boss Herro
2 April 2022
So it was my first time ever buying a PC, and the website was very well out together, and made it easy to order exactly what I needed. Would recommend as everything I ordered came quickly and efficiently, and had no damage. 10/10 would recommend
Fanis Mantzaris
31 March 2022
I ordered the Lyte Gaming pro and after the comments i saw for the wait time I tried to cancel it when I got in touch with them they told me it was ready already and it will be shipped the pc after that came in 3 days. The pc it’s beautiful works pretty well but it came with different case and different motherboard Instead of the MSI ×570M GAMING mobo came with ASUS Prime X570-P and instead of zalman z7 neo rgb case came with Gamdias athena m2 elite I don’t have problem with the case!
Crazy SnakeLuver
30 March 2022
Hello, my real name is Angela Abremski but this is my account associated with my Twitch lol I placed what I personally consider to be a very large order, over 2k for my pc. I also did the custom build option. Initially I was disappointed that the wait time was going to be longer than expected, however I know in myself that I am a very impatient human being lol So definitely not their fault. Plus it was completely worth the wait! I absolutely LOVE my pc! It is INCREDIBLE. They didn't have the case I wanted but I like the one they picked! I think my only complaint at this point is that it doesn't have Bluetooth capabilities but I think that was my error? Because I didn't realize the motherboard I picked wasn't Bluetooth capable. My pc came very well packaged, absolutely no issues with the shipping and everything perfectly in place. I'm over all very impressed. It runs all of my games on max settings and streams them at the same time! I am honestly so happy over-all and highly recommend Lyte!
Robert Crg
28 March 2022
Pc runs great! the discounted gpus were amazing, shipping time took about a month but that is to be expected with the shortage in parts, customer support was fantastic super friendly and welcoming! 100% recommend
Nathan Mckenzie
25 March 2022
Great people and amazing customer service. Was skeptical about ordering from a smaller company. Saved money buying a build kit. Ran into some issues and they made it right every time. Would definitely refer them to anyone and already have.
Jake Hullett
23 March 2022
It was good experience over all the pc runs amazing I didn’t get the exact case I wanted but the case I got I really like. Customer service was pretty quick to answer with any questions about my order and was they sent the email saying it was being shipped it arrived in a few days so no negatives there.
Chandler Fairfield
22 March 2022
I’ll admit I was a bit upset during the process of getting my PC through Lyte. They initially sold me on a PC with a graphics card they didn’t have in stock saying it would be there in like 2 or three weeks, only to reveal it could take up to 2 months to procure the part. So I ended up upgrading to a bigger graphics card than I realistically needed just to get it sooner and when it was completed they took like 4 days to actually send it, but it arrived safely a couple days later and I gotta say the PC met or exceeded most of my expectations. It came in a different case then what was advertised, but in the same color and honestly the case they sent looks better than the one they advertised in my opinion. It came with RGB ram sticks in dual channel which was not specified, so they could’ve easily sent it with 16 gbs in single channel without RGB and they would’ve been well within their right to do so, but they went ahead and gave me something even better than what they promised. Everything was set up and practically ready to go right out of the box. I have yet to experience any issues and I can tell that this PC was made by real people that care about the quality of their products and went above and beyond on the build end. A lot of companies like this try to take advantage of the fact that most people who buy a prebuilt really don’t know what anything’s truly worth or whether dual channel ram is better than single. I genuinely appreciate that they didn’t pull a fast one on me. That being said, they really need to up their game when it comes to customer service, emails take days for them to respond and the wait times for getting ahold of them over the phone are atrocious. It took me like 3 hours just to get ahold of someone to upgrade my gpu. Also I’m not gonna lie the delivery estimates are really deceptive and need to be set to more realistic timeframes. It’s because of this reason I sadly can’t give them that extra star. That being said These are just quirks of a fairly small company that charges such a small build fee. I’m sure they’ll iron these kinks out over time. I guess to summarize if you want a PC built by real people at a fair price go with lyte, but you need to be patient.
Crystal Busz
20 March 2022
Purchased as a gift for our almost 16yo gamer. He is absolutely thrilled with it!
Hadley B
11 March 2022
This company knows what they are doing. Navigation through the website was easy and hassle free and being able to see all of the prices for each part was incredibly helpful as well, as you knew where your money was going. A cheap build fee for a very well put together build. The PC shipped fast and came perfectly intact with not a scratch on it. I also received updates every step of the way and many other helpful tips and tricks about installation. I am very satisfied with my purchase and I highly recommend ordering from Lyte if you want a high-quality rig.
Rican Rice
8 March 2022
great PC Got to me fast, does what I need and response time with information was more than I expected, Over all very happy with Lyte Gaming
D&A Productions
6 March 2022
So I recently received my Lyte gaming PC from the company over at LyteTechnology. It was the Overlord V3. Coming packed with the 12GB RTX 3060. This PC runs smooth as butter, & has enough power to launch me into my start with PC gaming. I loved the look of the tower casing, RGB lights, the form factor, and the ability to unscrew the glass pane for ease of access is also very appeasing! Nice presentation, the games run smoothly, transparency in terms of the build times, ordering parts, and GPU wait positions all added to the novelty of happily awaiting my PC Build. My only cons to the Overlord V3 was not receiving the 1TB HDD. It shows in the systems performance testing that there was a WD 1TB HDD, but there's no position or area for the storage anywhere on the PC. So that was quite the bummer. I know that it was also advised to look into potential 3rd party WINDOWS 10 home activation keys. Unfortunately, with purchasing one, Windows recognized that it was an illegitimate key, go figure, haha. So I purchased the full windows 10 home from the microsoft store (HIGHLY RECCOMENDED). But nothing that taking matters into my own hand, & purchasing an external hard drive, and changing the download location to it couldn't fix. Overall, this is definitely the start to my PC gaming journey. I hope that in the future, there's a little more leeway and extended information that comes more packed with being user friendly for potential dis-assembly and recommended tools. Other than that, I'd say that I'm satisfied with my Lyte gaming PC!
Jonathan Stampley
3 March 2022
Solid PC, everything was safely packaged, pc came in 2 weeks. The only problem being that the gpu was faulty so I'm currently waiting for a new one. Hopefully it doesn't take too long